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Foreclosure experts that guide you every step of the way

We don't stop foreclosures, but selling your home will! And no one in America has worked with more homeowners selling a home in foreclosure than the experts at Realty Cooperative. We coordinate the nation's leading network of professionals who have been helping real estate agents and distressed homeowners successfully negotiate selling during foreclosure for more than 30 years.

money you deserve

Our Cooperating experts help you earn the highest refund of your equity possible, while limiting your closing costs to almost nothing in most situations. 

save time

Complete 95% of any paperwork from a mobile device or laptop of your choice in just minutes. No repairs to your home are necessary, no meetings, get started in just 24 hours.

industry insiders

Our relationships with decision-makers at every major mortgage bank means that we can make your situation better, often with just a single phone call. Many banks know that working with us means they don't have to foreclose.

superior communication

From the very start you'll speak to an American-based, expert advisor who knows your situation personally and keeps you in the loop every step of the way

Double your chances of success

For homeowners in foreclosure, Realty Cooperative will promote your success up to twice as often as average. We offer the experience of mortgage industry insiders who have helped to obtain thousands of home sale successes prior to foreclosure.

You'll never have to call your bank again, fill out another assistance form by hand, or worry that your representatives just don't know enough about foreclosures to help you. The average associate with Realty Cooperative has more than 10 times the selling experience of an average real estate agent.

  • Lawyers
  • Real estate agents
  • Mortgage banks





years of experience

What we do

For Homeowners

Our foreclosure experts, foreclosure attorneys, and experienced foreclosure agents handle virtually everything. Complete a quick online questionnaire and we'll handle the rest. Best of all, our expert foreclosure specialists communicate with your mortgage company, so you'll never wait on hold again. We do all of this and lot more with a level of commitment to your goals that you won't find anywhere else.

For Listing Agents

We offer much more than just a typical distressed sale negotiator. Realty Cooperative and our sister firm Short Sale Cooperative provide a start-to-finish listing management solution. Our experts and custom software serve as your virtual back office, often doubling the success of every complicated sale, and making you the hero for your clients that they deserve. All at no expense to you whatsoever.

Yes, selling before foreclosure can be easy

See what others are saying

Realty Cooperative is a breath of fresh air. I hate short sales, so I’ve tried a lot of 3rd parties with mediocre (or worse) results. Even when things aren’t easy, your staff never gives up and I really appreciate what that means for my business and of course, my clients.


Lucie K.

New York

The team at Realty Cooperative have somehow made the complex, arduous task of navigating through this process, seem like a standard transaction. I’ve performed enough distressed transactions in the past to know this is no simple job, especially over the past couple of years! I love the regular updates they provide, and their methods of communicating are practical and effective. I will not hesitate to contact or refer them to my colleagues in the future, when the need arises. Keep up the great work!


John O.


I’ve closed over 50 short sales, so I know how much time it takes to do these the right way. As a top producer, The Cooperative has become my entire back office and I don’t know what I’d do without them. And best of all, I can trust that they’ll fight for my clients just as hard as I had to in the past. That trust means a lot to me and it’s the reason I’d recommend them to anyone.


Jeff B.


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