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Double your chances of closing success and get there in half the time. Our fees are paid by the seller's bank or the buyer, not you or your clients

  • Foreclosure Danger?
  • Bankruptcy or probate complications?
  • HOA, IRS, or Mortgage liens causing problems?
  • Extreme property damage?

From document collection to the negotiation of real estate's most complicated processes, Realty Cooperative manages everything to ensure the best possible chance for your client's success, allowing you to focus on growing your business. 

Free to Agents and Sellers!

See what others are saying

Realty Cooperative is a breath of fresh air. I hate dealing with homes in foreclosure, so I’ve tried a lot of 3rd parties with mediocre (or worse) results. Even when things aren’t easy, your staff never gives up and I really appreciate what that means for my business and of course, my clients.

Lucie K.

New York

I had a luxury listing opportunity with extreme fire damage which was held in an estate with 7 different heirs. When an heir approached me who didn't even know where some of the others lived, I called Realty Cooperative. They handled literally everything for me with outstanding communication, and the home closed just a few weeks later.

Gloria J.


The team at Realty Cooperative has somehow made the complex, arduous task of navigating through the short sale process, seem like a standard transaction. I’ve performed enough short sale transactions in the past to know this is no simple job, especially over the past couple of years! I love the regular updates they provide, and their methods of communicating are practical and effective. Keep up the great work!


John O.






Years of Experience

Coordinating the services of expert attorneys, REALTORS® & mortgage & insurance experts, and more

What we do

We work as your virtual assistant, handling every administrative task and communicating with all parties involved - so you don't have to.
  • Prospecting
  • Debt Analysis
  • Negotiation
  • Closing Coordination

Hiring an expert assistant just makes sense

Whether you're new to short sales or a top producer, we're here to help manage the legwork so you can focus on what's really important: helping your clients.

Impressive communication

An expert Account Manager will become your personal assistant and consistently update everyone in the transaction, so you don't have to!

Marketing & lead conversion

Ongoing follow-up with your clients ensures you'll have the highest possible conversion rates, with the least effort and expense to you.

Better contracts

We balance the scales and protect the closing, resulting in fewer early terminations or lost buyers after approval.

All negotiations, 100%

With success rates nearly double the average and typical negotiations complete in 25% less time, you'll be able to close more deals, faster!

SSC has the contact with the banks and knows what it takes to get them the information required and get the sale through. Sometimes you have to be relentless and I appreciate them taking care of this part of the transaction, all I have to do is sell the house! SSC keeps me and my client informed every step of the way.”  – Sue C., North Carolina

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